What’s up with all the trees?

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on December 5, 2020

If you’ve been on my website or any of my social media you may have noticed a significant amount of trees or tree symbology. In just about every religion culture and belief around the world there is some sort of reference to a “tree of life”.

As a Christian, the tree of life makes its first appearance in Genesis in the Garden of Eden as the source of eternal life and man’s access revoked. It then appears in Revelation as a part of the new garden of paradise and access is no longer denied for those “who wash their robes” or “they that do his commandments” or those that “overcome”. I take this as those who have accepted Jesus Christ and are wiped clean of and have overcame sin.

Christianity is not the only culture or religion that mentions a “tree of life” so to speak. It’s found in ancient Iranian, Slavic, & Mesopotamia cultures. Religions including Baha’i, Buddhism, Islam, Hindu, even Mormon and more. As well as Chinese mythology, German paganism, & Norse mythology. Pretty much from all corners of the world there is some reference to a tree of life. In most cases, it represents eternal life, enlightenment, fertility, source of life, etc.

In the birth world the “tree of life” is symbolic as it usually represents the mothers physical and spiritual connection to her baby. Especially through the placenta and through breastfeeding. I wanted to be sure to use this symbol in my business because it truly embodies everything that I do to serve my clients. Rooting them in education, information, support, and self confidence.

The tree of life also holds great personal meaning in my life. A few weeks before my dad was killed he sent me a picture of this gorgeous old tree on the property he had planned to purchase. It was rugged, worn, and aged yet strong sturdy and beautiful. Ever since then I’ve always thought of my dad when I’d see similar trees. I sent this photo to my graphic designer as inspiration for my logo that you will see through out my website and social media accounts.

So, remember as you go through this journey to motherhood that your roots run deep. That you are strong and beautiful. Rugged yet sturdy. It will be hard work but it will be worth it. Remember you are never a lone and you are connected to millions of mothers that have traveled this road before you!

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