Placenta Services

I will be honest with you. When I took my very first doula training in 2014 the instructor had a local placenta specialist come in and talk to us about encapsulation. I was like, “uh, gross. That’s a little too out there for me” and didn’t put too much thought into it at that point. Shortly after that I was pregnant and doing my own research for myself and this topic popped back up for me. After researching I decided I wanted it done for myself. Then I ended up being the liaison for the local hospitals when the law that finally allowed birthing mothers to take their placenta home without a ton of hoops to jump through in Texas passed. I was able to inform, educate, and answer any questions the hospitals had on the subject. Finally, I decided to start offering this service to my clients and it is quickly becoming my favorite service to offer.

It’s better to have and to need not than to need and to have not.

Original author unknown, but one of Bob Cheshire’s favorite sayings.

I say this a lot to clients who may be on the fence about this service. Like I was. Once you have the baby and clean up happens. That’s it. Your magnificent & amazing placenta is gone forever. Into the medical waste bin. However, I will gladly take these calls 24/7 just in case you decide at the very last minute. I do prefer you book this service ahead of time for scheduling and preparation purposes. I do not guarantee that I will be available last minute, BUT you can always take it and freeze it until I am available.